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Antonio Gutierrez

Antonio Gutierrez

Loan Officer

We offer low mortgage rates available along with a convenient online loan application process supported by a team of experienced loan officers.


Antonio Gutierrez is firmly planted in the North – DFW, TX to be exact. And while you may see him out and about with his family, enjoying the great outdoors or hanging out at Southlake, don’t be fooled by his casual, easy going style.

With more than 20 years of experience, Antonio is THE authority on mortgage lending. He sees things that other industry professionals may overlook, allowing him to help thousands of homeowners purchase and refinance homes. John is passionate about finding creative financing solutions for his clients, no matter how complex. He utilizes his dedication to learning, along with his experience and unparalleled insight to better understand the forces that drive interest rates.

By staying up-to-date on the latest complexities of mortgage lending, technology and cutting edge marketing techniques for real estate, Antonio has become a vital resource for homeowners and Realtors alike.

Phone: (940) 435-1765

NMLS#: 722537

License: TX

Spoken Language: English, Spanish

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Gloria Gutierrez is AMAZING !!! Muchas gracias Gloria. She has helped me with my car and home insurances. She is always available and quick to respond. She works with you and answers all your questions. I thank you so much, she saved me a lot of $$! She is great at what she does and you can expect her to find you the BEST deal. You will not be disappointed. Thank you! Tanya
Gloria Gutierrez It was a pleasure to meet my new agent, thanks for all the help.

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My reviews on Loan Factory

Great working with Antonio! Knowledgeable and resourceful, I look forward to working with him in the future.

Mortgage Rates

Why are our rates so low?

  • 1. WE SHOP RATES FOR EVERY LOAN: We compare rates from 184 lenders in real-time for you.
  • 2. WE NEGOTIATE FOR YOU: Loan Factory is the fastest-growing Mortgage Broker in the US. Because we have closed many loans, we can negotiate and obtain ridiculously low rates from lenders.
  • 3. WE LOWER OUR PROFIT: Our profit per loan is much lower than that of our competitors. We aim to earn your business and your referrals.



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Services We Offer

Home Purchase

Home Purchase

Are you a first-time home buyer? Let's make an easy start with us. We will guide you through all the paperwork. All you need to do is to trust us and relax.

Re-finance Low Rate

Refinance Low Rate

Need to refinance to get a better rate? We will get great deals for your financial plan As rate is updated in real time from lenders, your refinance plan will just get better.

Re-finance Cash Out

Refinance Cash Out

A cash-out refinance is one of several ways to turn your home's equity into cash. We will help you with your financial plan.

Why Us

Independent Advice.

We commit to always give you independent advice regarding real estate and mortgage options.

Customer First.

We make less per loan than competitors and pass the extra savings to borrowers.

Low Available Rates

You will always get great deals with our real-time pricing engine.

Fast, Convenient, Local Service.

we are just one call away from your requirement.

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